To Protest Or Not To Protest



Thanks to hurricane Irma, a busy schedule and throwing out my back; I haven’t written a blog in several weeks. A lot has happened in that time. As is life, some good, some bad and some just in-between. One of the things that happened has thrust the Steelers into the midst of a political controversy. My fandom (as everyone who reads my blogs know) is 100% hard core Steelers. My political leanings is ….well to put it bluntly…BIZARRE. I’m not left wing, I’m not right wing and I am not a centrist and I am not  A-Political in the conventional sense. The best way I can sum it up is that I am a pragmatic anarchist. That in itself is a can of worms. The definition of an anarchist runs the gamut from an aversion to politics, all the way to someone who believes they should involve themselves in revolutionary terrorism. I have some beliefs that are conservative, some that are liberal, some that are in the middle and some that are A-Political. Most of them involve the desire for no government at all, which brings about MY version of anarchy. A world of BILLIONS of people with no government is delusional if not flat out insanity, and that is where the Pragmatism comes into play in my political leanings.

I won’t delve into the BIZARRE world of my “Pragmatic Anarchy” mainly because that is not the purpose of this article “Per Se” It is a sports blog, and specifically a Steelers blog, so I will attempt to blog as it pertains to the current controversy that has enveloped the NFL and the Steelers. In doing that, I will try not to pontificate and stump away at my point of view in as much as I will present a conversation of my inner monologue between my twisted Id, Ego and Superego. Talk about a can of worms, I know. It is however a conversation that I think is largely absent from today’s political musings and subsequent political statements and actions.  So, as Bruce Wayne said to the joker in the 1989 Batman movie; “You wanna get nuts, come on!, let’s get nuts!”

Courtesy of Quickmeme.

“What an interesting article! It seems there is some sort of pissing match going on between the President and the NFL about protests during the National Anthem before NFL games. Oh yeah, that Kaepernick stuff. Wow! that’s still a thing? I thought that was last year.”

“It does appear that it is still a thing and the President just spouted off about it and caused an issue.”

“What do I mean caused an issue.”

“You know, sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong to cause trouble.”

“Yeah, he’s pretty good at that, at least.”

“Hold on wait a minute! He’s the President of the United States of America and it is his business to stand up when people hate the flag and want to destroy America.”

There is an inner silence permeated by satisfaction that I have defended America’s honor. As a military veteran, I expect no less of myself. A wry Patriotic smirk sets across my face. Then slowly there is a wrinkle in my brow and a squinting of my eyes as my smirk fades. A spark of opposition ignites in my mind as I further ponder.

Humm… “I don’t think they were protesting the flag or hating America. If I remember right, it is an Americans right to protest and this all started as one persons protest about how African Americans were being treated in our great country. As a matter of fact, I don’t think this started as anything more than a protest of personal conscience, and then a camera swung over and made it a thing. I bet that cameraman got a bonus for finding a media frenzy to boost ratings!”

“Well, maybe but if your an American, you stand for the Anthem and show your love of America and respect for those who died to defend it. I get an Americans right to protest, but not during the Anthem. That is hatred of America, plain and simple!”

“That makes sense, …to a degree. We should honor America if we are Americans and if the Anthem and flag are accepted symbols of America’s good we should always stand proud at that ceremony. I just don’t know that it is that “Plain and simple” or that it was the original intent. Maybe it was the right thing done at the wrong time? Maybe it was a great choice to protest, but a bad choice of the platform for it?”

“Oh, gawd here I go again with complicating the shit out of everything. Keep it simple, just make a stand!”

“Yeah maybe I’m right. Just draw the line.”


And again that wry smile of satisfaction sets upon my countenance. A man of principle, a man of action, I am! I have satisfied my need to be decisive! And yet, once again my brow begins to wrinkle and my eyes narrow. I’ll be dammed if this doesn’t happen to me every time. A Gemini of German heritage. Talk about analyzing everything to death, and doing it from both sides of the issue. This is too complicated. I will just tune to my favorite pundit or news service and see what they say, then I will support that! Brilliant!

“Hold on there Chief. I thought I was a man, and an American man at that. Doesn’t that mean I stand on my own two feet and stand on principle that I have rationally thought through? American’s don’t just do what they are told by politician or pundit, we do what is right because of sound principle.”

“Yes!” I declare as I stand proudly. “This is too important for me to leave to outside influences. I will respectfully listen to opinion, gather factual information, then make my own decision!. To hell with what anyone else thinks!”

Then the real ruckus begins.


We want money!, just listen to us and our ratings will skyrocket.


We want your votes!, just listen to us and we will get elected.


I want a raise and political influence! Just listen to me.

Good human beings:

We want the truth! So we will have to dig it out ourselves respectfully and then do what is right. I believe this is what is supposed to make us Americans!


And so the odyssey begins. I hope I/we figure it out because I love America and I want it back from the Politicians, Rich, Pundits and Media. I want the America of “We the People” back. Good luck to us.


With Love, SteelHobo.


4 thoughts on “To Protest Or Not To Protest

  1. And once again, Steel Hobo, you prove that there is nothing black and white (no pun intended) about any issue, despite what the multi million dollar salaried pundits would have us believe. Reasonable, rational and thinking people always fall within the gray because there are always two sides to every issue.


    1. With politics flooding into every nook and cranny of our society, we need to all be rational if we are to stem the tide. I hope in a sports/Steelers environment, is that politics stays where it belongs and out of the locker room.


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