Twilight of possibilities?

Steelers secondary
Courtesy: Post Gazette.

Generally I write blogs that stem from my life as a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and try to do it with a bit of literary flair. I try to stay away from X’s and O’s pieces. I don’t do inside info pieces (because I don’t have any). With sports blogs all over the place and every angle being hashed out or flat out yanked from someone’s diluted arse, I don’t usually feel the need to wade into those waters. I tend to leave my venting in forums or Facebook groups. I will stick to that Modus Operandi  (sort of) today. I will however try to do a hybrid piece, where I combine  literary flair with complaining about my teams impending doom.

Impending doom for a Steelers fan is not the fear of a losing season, nor the total collapse of the teams organizational structure due to knee jerk house cleaning by an incompetent owner. No, we as Steelers fans are much too spoiled to have such fears thrust upon us. Impending doom for a Steelers fan is knowing you are rooting for a team that is capable of hoisting yet another Lombardi trophy, but realizing that if something isn’t done immediately, that possibility is just a tumbleweed blowing in the wind across a West Texas goat path. With our franchise QB in the twilight of his career and a core of amazing talent under contract (that never lasts long in today’s NFL), I fear we are in the twilight of possibilities for more Lombardi’s if we don’t immediately fix the problem that will blow those possibilities  “to hell and back”.

I hang my head as a Steelers fan when I have to say out loud that “OUR DEFENSE SUCKS”

with all due respect for the defensive front, whom I believe to be the only part of our defense that has the right to carry the name Steelers. The linebacking corps is old, just learning, oft injured or “MEH”. The secondary is just plain bad, may I repeat, just plain bad. The defensive coaching staff is two clicks South of horrible. Worse than all that is an overall attitude that is: we just stay the course with the D, it will fix itself, because hey, we are the Steelers and a magic fairy will waive a wand over our Defense and make it all better. After all, we are the Steelers. Sorry Steelers fans, that is just plain delusion. There are major problems with our Defense and the Steeler way is at least partly to blame for it.

let me postulate a few axiom’s, I believe to be self evident:


Never stay the course, if the course is leading over the cliff.

Dynamite is stable until it blows up in your face because you were negligent.

Keep your family close, unless they are a retarded mongoloid, in that case, lock them in the basement.

Never sit calmly by when the zombie apocalypse shows up on your front lawn, hoping it goes away. Lock and load, walk out the front door and start double tapping until there is no longer a horde.

And most importantly, if your defensive coaching staff sucks, and most of your defensive talent sucks, start double tapping, for christ’s sake!!


I won’t do X’s and O’s here, but I will name names. Here is my zombie list.

Butler, Lake, Porter, Cockrell, Gay, Golson and Moats.


Possible zombie list: Everyone else on the Defense not named:

Heyward, Tuitt, Hargrave, Alualu, Watt, Dupree, Shazier, Burns, Davis, Sutton or “dirty Red”.


Now if you can piece together what ails this Defense from what I have written so far, I have done my job. If not or you disagree, bring it in the comment section, don’t be shy. I didn’t write this to solve the problem. I wrote it to set the rotting structure of our present Defense aflame. You can agree or disagree, but either way speak up. I leave you with these profound words from one of my all time hero’s V!!!!

With Love, SteelHobo.


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