Welcome to my nightmare

SteelersPlayers - Copy

Dreams and fantasies. Is there a difference? By definition, I suppose there is. Dreams are a series of visions during sleep. Fantasy is imagining things that are impossible. Ummm..Debatable! I’ll tell you right now, that most of my dreams are about things that are impossible. I also, often fantasize about things that are possible, however improbable. I won’t drag you into these aforementioned dreams and fantasies, one because you may find them disturbing, or two, you may find them enthralling and begin stalking me! My life is just too busy to be entertaining stalkers, thank you very much!

I will however share with you a long standing subject of both my dreams and fantasies. It of course is about football, and always centered around the Steelers. Many a night in my youth would be spent dreaming that I was the greatest linebacker in the history of the world!!!! I was (can you guess)….always a Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker! I would wake up and the dream would remain as vivid in my mind throughout the day, as it was that night. I think that means my dreams would morph into my fantasies during the day, therefore becoming one and the same. My dreams were my fantasies, and my fantasies were my dreams. The perfect segue into the “chicken or the egg” conundrum. Did my dreams cause my fantasies to follow the same profile, or did my fantasies cause me to dream about what I had been thinking all day??? One thing appears to be apparent, I was a single minded child, or maybe just a simple minded one that couldn’t hold more than one mental inclination at a time. Give me a minute to take my Ritalin, while I ponder this??

Ahhh! All better now. As I have aged and matured, I have expanded my mental prowess to include multiple thought processis simultaneously. With that being said, many of them are still about football, centered around the Steelers. Big surprise, right?  Along with my psychosis comes an expanded role as the world’s greatest. Now it not only encompasses linebacker but QB, receiver, RB and return man! In any attempt to self diagnose my sanity, I always come to the conclusion that I can’t be crazy, because in all these things, I am a Pittsburgh Steeler. If I am a Steeler, then I can’t be insane because having thoughts rooted in fundamental truth is a sign of mental stability. The whole world knows that Steelers and “World’s greatest” when linked together, are fundamental truths accepted throughout the cosmos.


It all makes sense, right?! I’m glad you agree with me. Great minds think alike, and that makes us friends, Steelers friends (remember, I have no time for stalkers). Now that I am of sound mind and solid constitution, I just need to decide what position I am supposed to be the greatest at???????????????

I know that I must not be the only Steelers lunatic out there with such dreams of being the greatest Steeler ever. Please feel free to share your Steelers dreams/fantasy in the comments section, so I can hear other voices than those currently in my head. They are saying good things, and I want it to stay that way, so please comment only good things about the Steelers. Thank you very much, and “Welcome to my nightmare!”

With Love, SteelHobo.


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