All is right in the world again

Not the fake world of politics, social justice, finance or climate. Depending on the context, the Hindu view of the world is Maya. That is to say that this world is illusion or at least transient and only the underlying spiritual realm is eternally unchanged and therefore “Real”.  Many religions believe in a multiverse reality, in which there are many layers to material and spiritual realities, that are stacked one upon the other or intermingled in the same space-time. In my curious notions concerning such precepts. I have formed an understanding that there are at least three levels to my fledgling multiverse. In the sense that it has three levels as of now, we can call it my “burgerverse”


The first level, or base level, is the world that is completely physical/material. The one we share. The one that you are reading this article in and where I wrote it. It is a plane of my multiverse ensemble where we suffer the indignity of politics, social intrusion, monetary enslavement, health crisis…and so on. This is the ever changing, topsy-turvy, chaotic mess, plane where we suffer for our mortal sins. It is temporary, trite, cumbersome and burdening. It is one that we have no choice but to endure until we can finally escape to our “Great beyond”.

Diametrically opposed to the first layer and therefore utterly sublime, is the spiritual plane. This third plane is the place where everything is true, everything is constant and everything is perfect. There is no physical. It is pure unadulterated, energetic oneness with that which is holy. Call it Heaven, Nirvana, Elysium, Surfing the Cosmic Winds…. in all cases, it is the ultimate destination for the trueness of ourselves. Did we come from there and are returning, are we cycling through again and again or just working to get there for the first and eternal time? I’ll leave that to you.

For the purpose of this article it is the “Meat” plane of my “Burgerverse” that is of urgent consequence and the impetus of the title “All is right in the world again”. The second plane of my “Burgerverse” can aptly be named the “Football plane”. This is (for me) an enchanting plane where physical and spiritual intertwine. It creates a bridge between the twixt and possesses the good and bad, the highs and lows of both. It cycles yearly and depending on the fortunes of either providence or malevolence, ends with ecstasy or sorrow. It is played out on a physical field and exemplified by mortal men adorned in protective gear, vying for victory. The spiritual side of my “Football plane” is empowered by a sacred essence known as “Steeler” whom imbues it’s Black and Gold contenders with an overwhelming ambition for excellence. Its congregants are known as “Steelers Nation” of which I am one.

Each year of my “Burgerverse” the Football plane cycle begins with a period of nothingness. The previous cycle having ended abruptly after an epic clash of combatants. After that, I am left brooding over the formless void. Sparse sightings of anemic enterprise flash across the void sporadically. Cursory events spring forth and quickly fade, such as the “combine”, “free agency” and “the draft”. Then another period of languid desolation. All the while the machinations of the first plane are vexing my soul. Suddenly there are stirrings of activity, whispers of armies forming, earnest training for the cycles upcoming battles. My brooding and wretched demeanor caused by the first planes abuse is abated by the glad tidings!

Delighted by the shimmer of hope brought by the onset of “camp”, I set my faculty on watch for the inevitability that signals my liberation from the first realm’s relentless assaults. Then swiftly thundering across the void comes the clarion call I long for and perches upon potent ridge! I adopt a Christian scripture verse here to illustrate my delight:

Psalms 121:1 ” I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help”.

The radiant glow of the cycles first Holy day has arrived. It throws up an impenetrable bulwark against any distraction, and all first realms dread. The Hall of Fame game is here!!! The battles have begun and all other affairs of the material world I hold with wanton disregard. From this moment until the final cataclysmic battle of the Super bowl that is the Armageddon of my delight. I am enraptured as King David, as he sang out:

Psalms 23: 4-6,  Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.


Truly football season is the time of year that “All is right in the world again” and nothing matters to me as I settle into the blissful unity with peace that Football season brings me every year. I truly hope it does the same for you my brethren!

With Love, SteelHobo.


4 thoughts on “All is right in the world again

  1. I love this blog. I agree with you all is not right when the Steelers are not playing. I love football season and feel lost when it ends. GO STEELERS


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