“My sweet Jack”

(a Steelers fan bromance)

The passing of time brings faint the memories of youth. As a sweet aroma that spreads its gossamer delights upon the breeze and then fades away, so the fate many my fanciful notions of childhood has followed. Naiveté, the curator of the stores of my hopes and dreams ravished by time that has vitiated my innocence.  Yet amid the blur of anamnesis, recollections of you shimmer still; acutely as the radiance of a thousand suns. For you were my first and abiding love and no ravishment of my lucidity can rout you from my soul.

By the insistence of providence I was shepherded to a conservatory. Within its Black and Gold hem abide sumptuous ethic, the same of which I desired to entrench in my life’s rondure.  Prompt grasp of its ubiquity the causation of my unmitigated pledge of fidelity.  Gazing rapturously upon the sporting tableau, amidst the tumult, my fixation settled upon your exploits. Remiss in this account would I reside if not a proclamation of full sanction penned here by your devotee.

For in thine arduous defense of those precepts, I found a champion of which I situated my plenary devotion. Vehement, unrelenting  enforcement against all adversary whom protest the excellence of our tenets. Savior faire despite varied onslaught. Turbulent aegis of fraternity. Operatic backlash upon villainous slight. I profess gleeful culpability in consent of savage retribution to all rivals, yet in defense of my imperator, I bid no amends. In the confines of the game all adherents fathom their peril.

At the terminus of your office in the manner befitting the apotheosis of dignity, you decorously retired honorably. Procession of decades since your reign abound in creditable offerings, but none as laudable, none as festooned with ardent devotion to precepts of Steel kinship as “My sweet Jack”. In infinite devotion my cerebration of you shall never fail, nor will my recitations for your grandeur. Fair sailing and following seas my Captain until we meet in the next realm!

Jack Lambert: Coutesy NFL.com

Let us not forget that the term “fan” is derived from fanatic. What is it about sport that can turn the average mild mannered human into a raging lunatic. What is it that drives us to invest so much of ourselves in another person who is playing a game. I make no claims to having answers for those questions, but they do deserve careful consideration at some later time. The focus of this piece however, was my bromance with my favorite Steeler of all time. Jack Lambert.

(Though I wax poetic in this piece and declare my bromance with my favorite Steeler of all time, don’t believe for a second that it isn’t true. In a true “sports sense”  Steelers heroes are as vital and endearing to a rabid fan as any other love that can be had. In no way romantic, but truly heartfelt and lasting.)


Who is your favorite Steeler of all time? and Why?

With Love, SteelHobo.


2 thoughts on ““My sweet Jack”

  1. I love this. ThankYou.
    My favorite player is Hines Ward. Not only is he a great player he is also a man to be respected.

    When you talk about Hines Ward, you are talking about perhaps the greatest wide receiver in Steelers’ history and certainly the best blocking wide receiver in NFL history. If you have any doubts, let’s go over his accomplishments: he owns every receiving record in franchise history, he is a 2-time Super Bowl Champion, the MVP of Super Bowl XL, a 4-time Pro Bowler, all-time team leader in receptions, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns, he is the only receiver in Steeler history to surpass 1,000 receiving yards for four straight seasons, and was named to the Steelers’ 75th Season All-Time Team, to name just a few. To top it all off, on New Years day 2012, Hines became only the 8th player in NFL history to reach 1000 career receptions on what would be his last catch ever as a Pittsburgh Steeler.

    In case you are wondering about the man off the field, Hines Ward has been equally impressive. He is a man of character in his community both locally and worldwide. He was named the Steelers’ “2008 Walter Payton Man of the Year.” Other recognitions Ward has received include being featured as ABC’s “Person of the Week,” meeting and befriending four world leaders — two U.S. Presidents and two Korean Presidents, founding and driving his Helping Hands Foundations both in the U.S. and Korea, being an active participant with numerous other foundations including The Caring Foundation, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and Pearl S. Buck International. Ward has also started his own after school education program for kids in his home state of Georgia. He has been featured on the cover of numerous publications such as Newsweek, Time Magazine, Esquire, Sports Illustrated, Moves Magazine, and Whirl, and was featured as one of GQ’s 2009 “Men of the Year.” On May 24, 2011, dance-stepping far outside his comfort zone, Hines, along with his partner Kym Johnson, won season 12 of ABC’s hit dance competition “Dancing with the Stars”, bringing home the Mirror Ball Trophy to Steeler Nation. Ward appeared as guest correspondent for the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen Podcast at the 84th annual Academy Awards, catching up with the likes of George Clooney on the Red Carpet, and debuted as a member of the fictional Gotham Rogues football team in the Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises.”

    Tough. Confident. Passionate. Intense. Uncompromising. Persistent. All these words apply when you talk about Hines Ward, particularly when it comes to the game of football and life in general. Nobody in the game is as willing to sacrifice himself and do all it takes to win a football game, and nobody plays the game or enjoys life with more unbridled joy. Pure and simple, Hines Ward is special.



    1. I agree Cleomay. Hines is one of my favorite Steelers players. I’m hoping that this years rookie Ju-Ju Smith Shuster will be a lot like Hines. He was drafted to play the same role and all accounts in camp, so far, compare him to Hines Ward. As a matter of fact, Hines came to camp this year to work with him.


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