Martavis Bryant Still Waiting On A Decision From Goodell…2 Days After Deadline

Martavis Bryant’s agent posted a before and after picture showing off Bryant’s work in the weight room.

The last year for Martavis Bryant has been all about getting himself right, by focusing on himself and his new family. Along the way, he gained some much needed perspective by coaching receivers at Green Valley High School in Henderson, Nevada. After some prodding by his agent, Bryant sold his house in Los Angelas to relocate to the much quieter setting in Nevada, to help him avoid unnecessary distractions during his suspension. Apparently the time away has done Bryant a world of good because he has never looked so healthy, or sounded so clearheaded as he did during his recent interview with Sports Illustrated. Bryant is thankful for the family, friends, and fans who have supported him throughout this process, which helped motivate him through it all.

On January 28, 2017, Bryant began the process to return to the NFL by applying for reinstatement. Provided that Bryant met all of the conditions for reinstatement by March 29th, Roger Goodell, should have rendered his decision two days ago. In a similar case involving Josh Gordon, Goodell was late making his decision because it was suspected that Gordon relapsed, which turned out to be the case. In Bryant’s case, he appears to have done everything needed for reinstatement, and then some. Just a few days ago, an inside source within the NFL said that a decision to reinstate Bryant was imminent. The NFL responded with a denial, and that there was no timeline for a decision.

If Martavis Bryant has done anything that would put his reinstatement at risk, it would certainly have been reported by now. The lack of any such news makes Goodell’s silence, and violation of the league’s own rules for reinstatement that much more curious. Step 5, listed below, clearly states that if Bryant fulfilled his requirements in a timely fashion, along with everyone else involved, Roger Goodell must render a decision within 60 days, which was by March 29, 2017.

1. Within 45 days of receipt of the application, the player will be interviewed by the medical director and the medical advisor, after which a recommendation will be made to the commissioner with regard to the player’s request for reinstatement.

2. The Player will execute appropriate medical release forms that will enable the commissioner’s staff and NFLPA Executive Director’s staff to review the player’s substance abuse history, including but not limited to attendance at counseling sessions (individual, group and family); attendance at 12-step and other self-help group meetings; periodic progress reports; and all diagnostic findings and treatment recommendations.

3. The player will submit to urine testing by an NFL representative at a frequency determined by the medical advisor.

4. The player will agree in a meeting with the commissioner or his representative(s) to comply with the conditions imposed by the commissioner for his reinstatement to the status of an active player.

5. All individuals involved in the process will take steps to enable the commissioner to render a decision within 60 days of the receipt of the application.

Once reinstated, Bryant will return to Stage 3 of the NFL’s drug program, which is the last stage before banishment. Bryant will remain in Stage 3 and be subject to unannounced drug testing (up to 10 times per month) for the rest of his NFL career. However, after two years, the NFL’s medical director and advisor could discharge Bryant from Stage 3.

The NFL’s lack of action on this matter is not only holding up Bryant’s attempts to restart his career, but it also has the potential to affect the Steelers draft strategy despite their statements to contrary. The longer Goodell’s refusal to issue a decision drags on without justification, the more unprofessional Roger Goodell and the league officials begin to look. As harshly as Goodell has punished players for violating the rules the league has set forth, is it fair to expect that he too should be held accountable as well for ignoring the rules ? The way he has dealt with the Steelers in the past, it’s not too hard to believe that Goodell is delaying the process for as long as possible, with the hopes of finding anything he could use against Bryant to deny his reinstatement.


5 thoughts on “Martavis Bryant Still Waiting On A Decision From Goodell…2 Days After Deadline

  1. This POS Goodell Just hates the Steelers and will do anything to hurt them He could have suspended Bryant in Febuary but waited so the 1 year would become a major item as it is now !

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    1. I totally agree. I also think he still holds a grudge that the Steelers were the only team to vote no in the last collective bargaining agreement because it gave him too much power regarding discipline.


  2. Totally agree! Goodell is nothing more than a butt puppet of Kraft. I think the Rooneys were also the most outspoken on the spygate affair, so that has them in the crosshairs of Kraft and his pet donkey Goodell as well.


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