Terry Bradshaw Acting Like The Jealous Ex-Girlfriend

Terry Bradshaw continues to say things that distances himself from a baffled Steelernation. Photo from @Steel.Nation

It’s a shame when a living legend, whose legacy should be cemented with two Super Bowl MVP’s and four championships, refuses to grow old gracefully. Terry Bradshaw for some reason though can’t. He also can’t seem to stop putting his foot in his mouth long enough to realize that he may be even more revered in Pittsburgh now than when he played here. He fails to acknowledge the fact that it was he who turned his back on the Steelers and the fanbase, not the other way around, and then tries to play the victim in the whole situation when he is the one created it.

Time and time again, Terry Bradshaw received invitations by the organization to return to Pittsburgh to celebrate the four Super Bowl titles with former teammates. Time and time again he refused them, while also failing to return for the funerals of The Chief and Chuck Noll as well. The one invition he accepted was for Terry Bradshaw appreciation night against the Colts a few years back.

Terry Bradshaw appreciation night at halftime of a game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Evidently, when it’s all about him, Terry will show up, but when he has to share the spotlight, he’d love to come, but he has prior commitments to honor. As loyal as the Rooney’s were to him, it’s a shame how he has refused to repay that loyalty with equal respect. Of course this is all speculation, but it seems that every time Ben Roethlisberger breaks another one of his records, Bradshaw acts more insecure and jealous each time. It’s like Terry is afraid that he will soon become irrelevant.

Think back to how supportive Bradshaw was of Neil O’Donnell, Kordell Stewart, and Tommy Maddox. When they were getting crucified for horrible play and making stupid mistakes, like he did early in his career, Bradshaw rushed to their defense. When it comes to Ben, look how critical Terry has been. He even criticized Ben after the his first 6 touchdown game, calling him selfish. O’Donnell, Stewart, and Maddox were never going to approach Bradshaw’s success, and he knew it. Bradshaw also knew that their failure’s kept fans longing for the day’s of number 12.

When Ben Roethlisberger came along, suddenly fans had a modern day hero, one who has now broken every significant record Terry ever held, and is looking to close the gap to within one Super Bowl title of Terry’s four. If Terry Bradshaw is indeed threatened by Ben’s success, what will he do if Roethlisberger matches his four Super Bowl titles, accuse Ben of raping him too? Sadly, with the way he has been acting lately, it sure wouldn’t come as a shock. Instead of being proud that Ben Roethlisberger has helped continue the winning legacy in Pittsburgh that Terry Bradshaw started, he is acting like a jealous ex-girlfriend when there is no reason to.

If Terry Bradshaw isn’t careful, he’ll soon be remembered just as much for what he is saying now, as for what he did on the field which would be a real shame. There will always be plenty of room in the hearts of this great fanbase for both him and Ben. There is not, nor will there ever be a competition between the two of them for the fans affection. For Terry Bradshaw the player, he was the first franchise quarterback in Steelers history and brought Super Bowl glory to Pittsburgh, and for that he will always be fondly remembered. As for Terry Bradshaw the Broadcaster, keep saying the things you are and you may end up being mercifully forgotten.


9 thoughts on “Terry Bradshaw Acting Like The Jealous Ex-Girlfriend

  1. I don’t know what Bradshaw is so afraid of. Both him and Ben great QB’s. It’s hard to compare the two though. Two different games. Bradshaw was the best in the game of the era and those rules. Just as Ben is one of the best in today’s game.

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    1. I definitely don’t understand his insecurities, but they are apparently deep seeded. However, it seems the Steelers have picked up their game since his comments about Tomlin. If the Steelers blow out the Chiefs, couldn’t you just see Terry in the corner chuckling while uttering “It’s working yeah buddy”?

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  2. In TB’s defense, he put up with a lot of crap early in his career that Ben has not had to deal with. Look at the video from the early years of Bradshaw’s career, at the pictures of him being hung in effigy in the stadium, etc. Bradshaw is under no obligation to return the fans’ affections even if we do show him our appreciation for having figured it out and become a 4 time SB champ. He just hasn’t gotten past what happened to him in the early part of his Steelers career. The fans have.


  3. I don’t know what TB thinking about but I thought once you a steelers you will always be steelers nation no matter what going on. I been with the steelers since his time of playing and I aways will be until the day and die . No other team just one steelers nation no matter who’s playing. Win or lose.

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    1. Out of all of those Steelers of the 70’s, Terry is the only one that I am aware of who has had such a horrible experience in Pittsburgh. It is either that or he is the only one who has ever said anything about it. I’m inclined to believe that he is still dealing with the same issues he did in his playing days, whatever they may be, that would explain his erratic behavior.


  4. There is no doubt that some of the fanbase treated Terry Bradshaw brutally. He was supposed to be the savior, and he promised Super Bowl glory in short order. The fanbase experienced nothing but losing and mounting frustration with every mistake. There was no reason to say and do some of the things that were done to him, and I don’t blame him for holding a grudge. It’s unfortunate however that he chooses to hold a grudge against the entire fan base over the actions of the few, 40+ years ago.


  5. Terry has been my favorite Steeler since I was 9 years old. I understand that he is entitled to his opinion, but I don’t think he realizes how much his statement hurts his true fans. I am truly crushed to hear he has no love for the Steelers & only for the Saints. I have skipped over his jersey hanging in my closet & opted to wear my Big Ben jersey to work today. Don’t know if I will feel like wearing #12 for a long time. I won’t support someone who has a dislike for my Steelers. I loved Terry, but I love the Steelers more. Say it isn’t so Terry 😕…


    1. It has to something like that. He either suffers from that or he is Bi-Polar. Some have even suggested that due to the timing of his comments, he may be trying to motivate the Steelers. All three are possibilities, and I would ultimately hope his reasons for acting out would fall into one of these three reasons.


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