Antonio Brown Heading To The Hall One Piece At A Time

Antonio Brown’s gloves reside in the Hall of Fame for reaching 600 receptions quicker than any wide receiver in history (96 games). Photo from the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

How much more can be said about Antonio Brown that hasn’t already been said? How much more can he do that he hasn’t already done? Well if you ask him, he would more than likely say something to the effect of, I’m going to get back to work because there is still much more to do. Nobody can ever say with a straight face that they outwork Antonio Brown either, because the bottom line is, Brown wants to be the very best for his team, and for himself. To be the best, Brown needs the ball, he wants the ball, but don’t be fooled by his desire for the ball. He wants it not out of selfishness, just for the sake of being selfish, but rather his belief that he can will the Steelers to a win.

Antonio Brown is extremely confident, but he is definitely no diva. He is much more Jerry Rice than Terrell Owens, which explains the numbers that he is putting up year after year. It’s the chip on his shoulder that drives him, it’s why he chose to wear number 84, “Eight times four is 32. Thirty-two teams looked past me, even the Steelers. So every time I go out there it’s a little added motivation.” Brown believed he was first round talent who was the 195th player taken, in the 6th round, and who can question his logic? Perhaps it was a sign of things to come when he scored a touchdown the very first time he touched the ball. Since that moment, Brown hasn’t slowed down for a minute.

Antonio Brown has been recognized as the best receiver in the NFL since 2013, but it has been said that his numbers were largely due to the Steelers having a dangerous number two receiver opposite Brown. With the season he is having (82 rec-998 yards, 10 tds) without that number two to help open things up for him, AB is proving he is the best in the league. Even with the double and triple coverage he is drawing, he is still getting the job done, and is on pace for a 118 catch, 1,456 yard, 18 touchdown season. Recently, Brown has been recognized by the Pro Football Hall of Fame, when they put his gloves on display for reaching 600 receptions faster than any receiver in history (69 games).

That’s not first time the Hall has honored Brown. In 2011, the Hall of Fame put his jersey on display after Antonio Brown became the first player in NFL history to gain 1,000 yards receiving and 1,000 combined return yards in one season. This is just one of a few firsts, and NFL records, that number 84 has on his resume.

Antonio Brown’s NFL Firsts and Records:

First NFL player to record 1,000 receiving and 1,000 combined return yards in a single season.

More receptions during his first six years (526) than any player in history.

First player in NFL history to record 125 receptions in consecutive seasons.

Holds NFL record for most receptions (375) over any 3 year span (2013-2015).

First NFL player with four games of at least 180 yards receiving in a season (2015).

First NFL player to record back to back seasons with 1,700 yards from scrimmage (2014-2015).

NFL record of at least 80 yards receiving in 14 straight games (12/22/13 – 12/2/14).

No wide receiver in history has the body of work that Antonio Brown has put together through the first six years of his career, and that includes Hall of Famer Jerry Rice. There is no reason to think that Brown can’t approach Rice’s numbers by the time he hangs up his cleats, especially not with his Rice-like work ethic. What he wants even more than surpassing Rice’s stats though, is to surpass his number of championships. Whether he accomplishes these things or not is anyone’s guess. Either way, he is building a Hall of Fame career, and he is getting there one piece at a time.


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