The Steeler Fan’s 10 Commandments

At home or on the road, Steelers fans are the most passionate and loyal. Photo from

Following the Steelers fourth straight loss on Sunday, to the Dallas cowboys, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of fans who are feeling overwhelmingly distraught and frustrated over the team’s dwindling postseason prospects. They appear to have lost all hope and perspective of what it means to be a fan of the greatest sports franchise in history. Unlike your 401k disclaimer, with the Pittsburgh Steelers, past performance is a good indication of future success, and nobody has done it better over the last 46 years. As fans we tend to worry and stress over that with which we have no control, instead of focusing on what we can, which is to provide insane amounts of energy that the players feed off of. This season is far from over, and there is much work left to be done. Now is not the time to throw in the towel, no, it’s time to fight on. Let these 10 commandments be our guide to Super Bowl LI and beyond.

10 Commandments for Steeler Fans:      

Thou shall not lose faith in the Steelers

The Steelers have given us 6 Super Bowl titles and believe in the power of Steelernation. We need to believe as we have been believed in. We need to believe in the spirit of Myron Cope, who took his love and belief in the Steelers to the heaven with him. Myron, who created our greatest weapon to use against the enemy, the Terrible Towel, is waving his heavenly Terrible Towel right along side “The Chief”.

Thou shall not bail on the Steelers

If you have ever threatened to pull your support for the Steelers when times get rough, you were never a Steelers fan to begin with.

Thou shall not wish losses upon the Black ‘n’ Gold

This is about the worst thing a Steelers fan can do. If you have done this, then there is no place in Steelernation for you. To wish this in order to receive a top 5 draft pick is unacceptable. Just become a Browns fan where top 5 draft picks are a naturally occurring event.

Thou shall trust in the widom of the Rooney’s

The Rooney’s are the most respected owners in the NFL, and they are not ones to micromanage the football operations. Their belief in stability, has limited the number of head coaches to three since 1969.  The Steelers are one of only two franchises in history to have three head coaches in a row win the Super Bowl, and the only one to have had three coaches in a row make two or more Super Bowl appearances.

Thou shall believe in the Steeler way

If the Steelers don’t ever panic, why would fans?  The Steeler way has produced more championships and Hall of Fame players since 1970 than any other franchise. They have accomplished this by staying the course and never making knee-jerk decisions. Stay strong Steelernation, don’t sweat this four game skid, this too shall pass, and the Steeler way will prevail.

Thou shall not blame the head coach for every failure

When things go awry, the easiest target for blame is always the head coach. Chuck Noll was told the game had passed him by. Fans wanted Bill Cowher’s head on a platter after many an AFC Championship game loss, and for the 1998, 1999, and the 2000 seasons. Now it’s Mike Tomlin’s turn. Despite him winning a Super Bowl title in two trips, and having the best winning percentage in team history, there are those who want him gone. If he lost his team, it would be understandable to want him out, but the players are still playing hard for him. Tomlin doesn’t throw, catch or run the ball, and he doesn’t cover or tackle. He can’t do much more than prepare and present his players with the game plan. The players have to execute it. It wouldn’t hurt, however, if he raised the level of accountability that players are held to for repeatedly doing stupid things on the field.

Honor thy coaches and players, for they feed off our support

The players and coaches of our beloved Steelers hate losing more than we do. Like us, they are only human, well except for maybe James Harrison, and they are going to make mistakes. It’s important to let them know we got their back’s in good times as well as bad ones. The Steelers brought pride to the city when the steel industry in Pittsburgh collapsed. Tens of thousands of jobs were lost. The Steelers gave people hope, and one day during the week where people could forget their troubles. Now it’s our turn to give the coaches and players of the Steelers our faith and support after all they have given us.

Honor Steelers game day in all its Black ‘n’ Gold holiness

Game day is for one thing and one thing only, dedication to the Pittsburgh Steelers and all the superstitions that accompany it. Superstitions aren’t superstitions if they work. If you ignore any aspect of game day superstitions, and the Steelers lose, you are just as responsible as the players and the coaches. You may even deserve to be fired as a fan for multiple infractions.

Thy love for the Black ‘n’ Gold shall remain steadfast in good times as well as bad

We are all blessed to be fans of the 6x Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Over the years, it seems to have come to the point where we believe we are entitled to more Lombardi Trophies. We are fortunate to have witnessed the Steelers winning those trophies. They should be a source of pride, not entitlement. We loved the Steelers when they won them, so we should love them even more during their struggles. That’s what will make the appreciation for the next one even greater. There is no bandwagon in Steelernation, if you’re on one, you’re not a fan. Steelernation is a love affair between a team and its fans.

Thou shall represent Steelernation with integrity and honor….FOR LIFE

It’s not a difficult choice to make, so if you can’t commit, be gone. We may all come from different walks of life, but we all have one thing in common, our love for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Being from the ‘Burgh doesn’t make you a better fan than someone from Phoenix or Baltimore, nor should your support for one political party or another. In Steelernation especially, like the real world, we are all equal. There is no room for division in Steelernation, for we are all one “family”. If not for that, we’d be no better than Ravens or Eagles fans. There’s no room for jagoffs in Steelernation. You know, if we all had weapons, we’d be the largest standing Army in the world, and we could take over this country….hmmmmm!!!!!! #Stairway2Seven #Sixburgh #Ben2Ten46

It ain’t over til it’s over, and the Steelers aren’t done yet. Here we go Steelers, Here we go.


10 thoughts on “The Steeler Fan’s 10 Commandments

  1. I get a kick out of so called fans typing that they are boycotting the Steelers. All kinds online. Anyhow every game is hard fought by the Black and Gold. No easy task for the remainder of season and the Browns are next challenge. Go Steelers go!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am a true STEELERS FAN win, LOSE, or tie, I will always remain a STEELER FAN, I love the 10 COMMANDMENTS and I abide by them all STEELERNATION 4 LIFE


    1. You’re definitely part of why Steelernation is great. I can’t even count how many times I have heard people say “I was a Steelers fan back when Bradshaw and and Swann were playing”, or “I was a fan until Bettis retired”.


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