Steelers Must Choose Between Suisham And Boswell

Chris Boswell
Chris Boswell looks to be the long term answer as the Steelers placekicker (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar) photo from

Chris Boswell has been nothing short of money since the Steelers brought him in to kick, just prior to the San Diego Chargers game in week 5. The first kick he attempted in that prime time game had the same weight of pressure as if it were a 43 yard kick to win the game. Boswell nailed it like he’d been there many times before, and like he has since. Prior to his first attempt with Pittsburgh, Boswell was asked if he had a preference for where he’d like to kick the ball from, the left hashmark, the right one, or even if he prefers to kick from straight on. Boswell said “I don’t care”. The Steelers found Boswell the same way they found former kicker Jeff Reed, at a tryout they held at Heinz Field, under miserable conditions.

Just like Jeff Reed, Chris Boswell is off to a phenomenal start in his career. On the season, Boswell has made 92.9% of his kicks, hitting on 26 of his 28 attempts. His only two misses have come from 40-49 yards, but he has been a perfect 2 for 2 from 50 yards and beyond. In his last game, Chris set a new franchise record for rookies with his 26th field goal, breaking Kris Brown’s former record of 25. The guy he is replacing, Shaun Suisham, is no slouch either. Suisham, who had failed in Dallas and with Washington because he was too inconsistent, seemed to find his groove in the NFL’s toughest venue for kickers.

In his eight games with the Dallas Cowboys, Suisham was successful on only 66.7% of his kicks before they ran out of patience with him. After a short stay in Dallas, it was on to Washington for Suish, where he drilled 80.2% of his kicks in 49 games with them. In Pittsburgh, Suisham seemed to have found a new lease on life, up until he tore his ACL trying to make a tackle in the Hall of Fame game, during the opening preseason game. Suish has teed it up with the Steelers for 71 games, to a success rate of 87.9%. During this time he has been almost automatic from 40 to 49 yards, going 44-50. From 50+ yards out though, he is at just under 50% hitting 3 out of his 8 attempts.

Between the end of the season and training camp, the Steelers are going to have to decide between Chris Boswell and Shaun Suisham. On the surface, it would appear to be a tough choice to make, but it really isn’t all that difficult when all the factors are weighed out. Sure, there is the chance that Boswell could just be that flash in the pan, that falls off after a strong rookie season, but with his mental makeup, that’s very doubtful. He is young, definitely cheaper, and he has an extremely strong leg. Suisham is 34 and is coming off of a major knee injury. Kickers put alot of torque on their planting legs, how might that affect his accuracy? how might it affect the lengths of his kicks? The fact that he is 34 means that his leg strength could start noticeably dropping off  anyway, especially following his knee injury.

The Steelers definitely should not bring Suisham to camp next season, because that would be an indicator that there is an open competition for the job. It seems pretty obvious that Chris Boswell has earned the job with how he has performed to this point in the season. This is a choice that needs to be made prior to the opening of camp, regardless of the decision, because it gives either one of them the opportunity to find a team for the entire preseason, and not having to scramble to find one after being released by the Steelers. Nothing against Suish, but in this case, youth should prevail because of cost, performance, and a stronger leg. Either choice though, is a huge improvement over the failed Josh Scobey experience.

In this video, Adam Sandler could be singing about that disaster of a kicker. Scobey was brought in because of season ending injuries to Shaun Suisham and his replacement, Garrett Hartley. Both injuries occurred in almost back to back weeks during the preseason, leaving the Steelers desperate to find a kicker. Instead of a kicker, they got Scobey. When it was announced that the Steelers had traded for the former Jaguars kicker, it made sense, because he had already proven himself reliable for years. Now we see why the those Jags had no problems dumping him for next to nothing, but in the end, the Steelers struck gold with Chris Boswell.


6 thoughts on “Steelers Must Choose Between Suisham And Boswell

  1. Chris boswell is a better choice bc he’s younger and he has a stronger leg plus he can kick from 50 plus yards plus shawn just come off of serious knee Injury that make his leg not as strong as it was before the injury and chris boswell proved that he has the stronger leg and he can kick for long distance and that is what the steelers needs.haven’t had that sinse gary Anderson.


    1. That’s exactly how I feel. Nothing against Suish, but as his age and coming off of an ACL tear, his accuracy and distance could very well be affected. Boswell, as far as leg strength, is very comparative to Gary Anderson. Youth must be served in this case.


    1. I have nothing but respect for Shaun Suisham, and the job he has done. Having said that, with the job that Boswell has done, the logical thing is to keep him since he is 10 years younger and has a much stronger leg. It would also make sense to trade Suisham to get the draft pick back that was used to get Scobey. I would think the best kicker in Steelers history is Gary Anderson.


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